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My MacOS Home Directory Overview

Dec 23rd, 2022

On the latest episode of ATP, Casey, John, and Marco discussed MacOS home directories. After I was done cringing at John keeping his git clones in the root level of his home directory, I started thinking about how I use my own home folder, and how I keep it organized. I won’t go into the hidden items, because I don’t think either of us want that (with hidden items included, my home directory has 34 documents, and 47 folders 😅).

Anyway, here’s my overview…

I didn’t bother listing my Library folder because there’s not much to say about that–it’s the same as it is on anyone else’s Mac.

On an additional note, I would really like an iCloud Drive folder in the home directory. I could add one with an alias or symlink, but it just seems weird to me that it’s squirreled away in the Library folder, cryptically named ‘Mobile Documents’.

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