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An Update on my AI Dating Profile

Jan 14th, 2023

Back in early December I posted about how I created a dating profile using AI. I haven’t forgotten about my promise to follow up on the results from that very unscientific experiment. Though I stated I’d commit to using my AI profile for a week, I quickly realized that was not a reasonable amount of time. So a week, turned into 2, which turned into just over a month, and I finally reached a point where I feel like a follow up is warranted.

Now, I wish I had some interesting stats to share. I wish I could say that my AI-assisted dating profile resulted in X% greater or fewer matches. The truth is there was nothing remarkable about my results. I got 5 matches in the first week-and-a-half, and zero after that.

The only standout event was that I received a message from a woman saying she really liked my outlook on relationships, so thank you AI for so eloquently phrasing my thoughts and feelings.

That was another thing I noticed in this experiment; it didn’t feel like I was presenting my authentic self. Yes, I vetted the text generated by the AI to ensure it wasn’t falsely representing me, but I still felt dirty. Like the few matches I did get weren’t matching with me, but with the AI. My profile may have been technically accurate to who I am as a person, but I felt somewhat removed from it.

So, to answer the question I posed at the end of my previous post; did this turn my love-life around, or did it backfire? The truth is, neither. It was just an uncomfortably weird and disappointing experience, which is just par for the course when dating in a post-2020 world–at least in my experience. 🤷‍♂️

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